Stop Killing Yourself with Your Diet?

By Paul

Whether you are eating anything like the Standard American Diet (SAD) or any of the medicine or poison?common weight loss diets you are probably killing yourself, both literally and figuratively.

The Standard American Diet is extremely lacking in nutrition and energy while being loaded with toxins. Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes…Auto Immune Diseases all on the rise. Some skyrocketing out of control.

The most common weight loss diets are even more void of nutrition and energy as well as often being loaded with toxins.

If you are on any of the most common weight loss diets you are probably killing your health and killing your odds of attaining healthy long term weight loss.

Many weight loss meal plans do not take into consideration the vital differences between men and women.

If all the weight loss media has got you confused, frustrated and overwhelmed you have two choices:

  1. Keep doing what everyone else is doing with the results to match.
  2. Invest your time wisely and watch these videos.



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