Workout 13 – Get Your Head Out of Your Ass

WARNING: There is some purposeful potty mouth in this video.

In the No Excuses Ladies Boot Camp classes we often talk about how to best manage the health and fitness journey because the healthy and fitness journey is an emotional roller-coaster ride and if you’re not expecting that or prepared for that, you will get derailed.

I thanked her in class and I am thanking her here again. Thanks to our great friend and success story Michelle for allowing us to not only talk about this stuff, but to directly apply it.

The “Get Your Head Out of Your Ass” title for this workout comes from helping Michelle through a rough patch in her Continued Success Story.

If you are not familiar with our workouts…All exercises can be modified. Do Your Best and Your Best Gets Better. Do your best, no more, no less. If you can walk through the door, you can do this workout.

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