Pain Relief and Mobility with Michelle, Roberta, Sherry & Don

Pain Relief and Mobility with Michelle, Roberta, Sherry & Don

Personal Training [Save up to 34%]

Rapid Maximum Results • Accountability • Support…
One on One or with Your Group

The fact is, the best at anything have coaches.

…in their attempt to break the gravitational pull of their bad habits many struggle with their attempt to reclaim their body and will often slip, slide or crash back into their old ways.

If that describes you then you have 2 options:

1. Continue to freak out, get depressed or both


2. Get the help, accountability and support you need.

This could mean…

“I want a new & improved husband for Christmas!”

(many of you have asked about Personal Training for your husband)

Shoulder/Neck Pain & Mobility

Back Pain & Mobility

Hip Pain & Mobility

Knee Pain & Mobility

Ankle Pain & Mobility

Dramatically Improve Your Balance

Get Serious about Fat Loss

FLAG Fat Loss Accountability Group

Get Serious about Toning Up

Become a “Super-Responder” to gain muscle, improve aerobic fitness, or to lose body fat.

Health and Nutrition

1. Healthy Heart (get off your cholesterol and blood pressure meds)

2. Overcome/Prevent Diabetes

3. Healthy Brain

Kickboxing or Other Martial Arts

(Women’s) Self-Defense

So, you can try to do it on your own…

…or you can get this right now for up to 34% off!


See you soon,

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