About Paul Bowman

About Paul Bowman

Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author ~ Health & Fitness Coach ~ Personal Trainer ~ Martial Arts Instructor ~ 4th Degree Black Belt

Movement Rehabilitation, Re-education, Restoration Specialist
Visual, Vestibular, Movement Integration Specialist
My Purpose:
Help Eliminate & Minimize Suffering…
Help Maximize Joy!

My 6 Core Values

  1. Great Life Experiences: Fun, Passion, Enthusiasm, “your” path, live intentionally
  2. Help People: support, empathy, understanding, listen, respect, compassion, connect, patience, not just tolerate difference but celebrate it.
  3. Responsibility: integrity, hard work, follow through, genuine, financially responsible, gratitude
  4. Constant Improvement: accountability, clarity, focus, commitment, 80/20, prioritize, education
  5. Family & Friends
  6. Health & Fitness

The challenge to myself, which I accept:
Demonstrate, practice and live what I value.

Before relocating to Florida in November 2013 for warmer weather I was the chief instructor of a fitness & martial arts facility in Keene NH for 10 years, helping numerous students on their path to better eating, fitness & overall health.

Paul specializes (gets amazing results) in the areas of pain relief and mobility. See Eliminate Shoulder Pain and Maximize Mobility.
At this time these are the only Personal Trainer programs that Paul is available for.