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LaDonya Down 84 Pounds! How?

The more I learn, the better I get. Cathy’s story

Well-Rounded Butt Exercise

Kickboxing Classes?

Want to put together a Kickboxing Class? Get a group together and you would split the cost for however many hours you want. Personal Training with Paul Bowman http://bootcampwinterhaven.com/personal-training/ 1 Hour $100 5 Hours ($500 Value) $430 10 Hours ($1,000 Value) $760 15 Hours ($1,500 Value) $990 Pricing Good Thru 12/22/2017 Book Now (863) 978-8941

29 Ab Exercises for a Flat Belly

31 Ab Exercises for a Flat Stomach

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  From 283 to… Start Your Transformation

A picture is worth a thousand words. Size 20 to size 6.

“A picture is worth a thousand words. Size 20 to size 6. Paul and his Boot Camp Babes are friendly, compassionate and supportive. I must admit, the first week was agony but I didn’t quit and have surpassed all my goals. Except for pushups. I still do girly pushups but continue to work on it!

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LaDonya’s Health and Fitness Transformation Story

Jennifer Meyer’s Life Changing Transformation