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Workout 13 – Get Your Head Out of Your Ass

WARNING: There is some purposeful potty mouth in this video. In the No Excuses Ladies Boot Camp classes we often talk about how to best manage the health and fitness journey because the healthy and fitness journey is an emotional roller-coaster ride and if you’re not expecting that or prepared for that, you will get […]

6 Keys to Motivation

8-WEEK TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE Starts 7/5/2017 We are looking for local women who fit the following criteria to transform their life and body in just 8 short weeks: Requirements * Classes are held at 4198 Dundee Rd, Winter Haven, FL * Can follow meal plan guidelines eating real food. * Willing to commit to working out […]

Incarcerated in an Unfit Body?

Incarcerated in an Unfit Body? Overcome the fear of success to get and keep your healthy & fit body. “I’m here to help…feel free to ask any questions and I’ll get back to you ASAP.” Michelle   Text or Call Me at (863) 978-8941   or   Let’s Chat on Facebook. Click this link to […]

Conscious Incompetence is Good, But does Not Feel Good.

100 Years of Wisdom

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