Attention:  If you are living with shoulder pain that you believe will NEVER go away…It is vital you read the information below.

Imagine relieving your joint pain AND regaining range of motion and mobility you thought was long gone…

It IS possible!

…no surgery…

…no dangerous drugs…

…no mind-numbing hours of rehab work in clinics…

My name is Paul Bowman. 

I have spent years helping people move past joint pain and live fuller lives.  As a personal trainer and Amazon Best-Selling Author, my approach has been honed by working with countless people – just like you – who believed their joint pain was something they just had to live with.

I specialize in one thing…minimizing and eliminating suffering and bringing a new level of joy into your life.  I do this through a very unique, very individual approach to joint pain unlike anything you have experienced before.

Let me explain…

The medical community too often treats your injured body like a piece of broken furniture.  If something is damaged, nail it back into place, file it down; maybe use some glue or even nails. 

See if that fixes the problem and hope the repair lasts for a while…

If it doesn’t, rip out the broken part and replace it. 

Sound about right?

No consideration is given to the patterns, movements, brain signals, or biomechanics that caused the breakdown in the first place!

That’s where I come in…

But, there’s another part of the problem…

It is human nature to avoid something we KNOW will cause us pain.  Obviously.

So if we have shoulder pain (or knee or back pain) we tend to ignore it and hope it goes away…we tell ourselves we can live with it. 

Why?  Because the thought of surgery is more frightening than the pain itself.
As a result, you spend years telling yourself things like

  • “The pain isn’t THAT bad. I can live with it.”
  • “That’s just the way it is…I have to accept it.”
  • “I’m just getting older.”
  • “I’ve tried everything and nothing is going to make this pain go away.”

I’m telling you right now – this mindset is COMPETELY WRONG!

And if you give me just two hours of your time, I can PROVE IT TO YOU!
My “Shoulder Pain Workshop” has gained a remarkable reputation for improving range of motion, relieving years of painful movement…and in many cases…doing so in just ONE session.
I need to get technical for a minute…

I describe my approach this way…This is the “best of the best” in functional anatomy, kinesiology, neuroscience and biomechanics, rather than just biomechanics.

What does this mean?
  • Functional Anatomy and Kinesiology are fancy ways of saying “this is how your body moves and why”.
  • Neuroscience is just what you might guess…this is how your brain works…a key part of the movement puzzle.
  • Biomechanics deals with how we are designed. How the muscles and bones work together to do things.

Using these tools instead of drugs or surgery has allowed me to produce results that have been described as nothing short of “mind-blowing”. 

(NOTE:  We have had more than our share of “Holy C**p!” moments in this Workshop)  Just sayin’…)

But I don’t want you to take my word for it…this is just too important.

Here are what just a few of my clients have to say…

"When I found the right exercise my shoulders immediately went from restricted and painful to no pain and easy to lift my arms all the way up." - Marilyn Roberts

“I’m thrilled with this workshop. Paul. You gotta have more of these. For me it’s been a total revelation. Thank You.” Lynn Clark

"It's just amazing how we have all been proven that we're all out of touch with our own bodies and have no clue what's going on until Paul has brought it to light. For all of us to do things that we have never been able to do. Just making it so much easier for us to understand. And we thank him for that" Beverly Heatherdale

"See for yourself..."

The above image is what I was able to do for myself (Paul Bowman) with these drills.

 If this sounds even remotely interesting to you…

If you have tolerated joint pain long enough…

If you have seen a slow, steady loss of mobility and range of motion…

you need to attend my next workshop.  Simply click on the box below to register.

(BTW, check out my cool bonus for registering today.  It’s at the bottom of the page…)

When? Saturday, June 24, 2017 8 AM - 10 AM
Where? No Excuses Ladies Boot Camp
4198 Dundee Rd., Winter Haven, FL 33884
(863) 978-8941
How Much? Only $97

Don’t be one of those people who have resigned themselves to a lifetime of joint pain when we can attack the problem at its source!

Still unsure?

I get it…you may have tried any number of approaches before.  Nothing seems to have worked, so you may be unsure if I can REALLY help…

Well, let’s remove all doubt…

My Gutsy Guarantee to You

If your results from this workshop are not Mind-blowing, and make you question what is possible, just say so and you will get a full refund.

I can’t wait to work with you and help you live a fuller, more active life – with a freedom of movement you thought you would never have again.
Committed to your health,

Paul W. Bowman
P.S.  Don’t forget.  Your results are GUARANTEED!  This is NOT something any other professional will say to you, is it?  (Even though they should!)

If you are NOT thrilled with the results of the workshop, I haven’t earned your money, and I will provide a full refund of every penny.

P.P.S.  Here is the bonus I promised.  Just to make certain we are both on the same page, as soon as you register for the workshop, I will send you my exclusive video entitled “The 10 Biggest Mistakes Keeping You in Pain”

This will serve as a great introduction to my approach. 

Finally, as you can imagine, this is a very “hands on” Workshop.  Therefore space is EXTREMELY limited. 

Attendance is STRICTLY limited to the first 12 individuals who register!

So…make sure to secure your spot today, watch the Bonus Video and start on your path to pain free joints and greater mobility than you thought you would even see again.