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Meaningful Change with Your Eating Habits

What’s Your Story?

LaDonya Down 84 Pounds! How?

Cathy’s Story Uncut

Down 91 Pounds! How?

Changing Lives at No Excuses Boot Camp

What’s Driving the Move Better Feel Better Revolution?

Notes from The Great Cholesterol Myth [Part 1]

Notes from The Great Cholesterol Myth [Part 1] “I’m here to help…feel free to ask any questions and I’ll get back to you ASAP.” Michelle Text or Call Me at (863) 978-8941 or Let’s Chat on Facebook. Click this link to open chat and let me know what questions you have. https://m.me/WinterHavenBootCamp Send us a

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No More Lower Back Clicking for Debbie

This might sound weird, but if you understand neurology it makes perfect sense. PS Healthy Shoulders Habits 8-Week Online Course STARTS 5/20/2017 Register Now http://bootcampwinterhaven.com/shoulder-pain-course/

Peanuts and Aflatoxin

PS – Whenever you’re ready… here are some ways I can help you   Healthy Back Habits 8-Week Online Course http://bootcampwinterhaven.com/back-pain-course/ Knee Pain Workshop http://bootcampwinterhaven.com/knee-pain-workshop/ 8-WEEK TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE http://bootcampwinterhaven.com/boot-camp/ The 10 Biggest Mistakes Keeping You in Pain http://bootcampwinterhaven.com/the-10-biggest-mistakes-keeping-you-in-pain/ Back Pain Workshop http://bootcampwinterhaven.com/back-pain-workshop/ Healthy Knees Habits 8-Week Online Course http://bootcampwinterhaven.com/knee-pain-course/ Shoulder Pain Workshop http://bootcampwinterhaven.com/shoulder-pain-workshop/ Healthy Shoulders Habits

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