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Terri Burchfield 1 year later



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"I want to share how I feel today about this thing that we're all jointly doing together. It is true that we are doing it together and as such we tend to motivate each other even when we don't know we're doing it. Having said that we are actually all doing it individually because were individually checking in with ourselves . Speaking for me personally I can say that this has been a life-changing experience for me on multiple levels. It's driven me to take a total look at me, not just my physical how do I look health, not just I wish I could be a size less, but really take a look at myself and how committed I am to taking care of me. Thinking about everything I put in my mouth but not in a bad way, perhaps for the first time in a good way with a clear understanding of how it all connects. Certainly I like the way I feel when I leave, no check that I love the way I feel when I leave one of the bootCamp sessions , I love the weight loss but more than anything I like how I feel mentally and physically with the rest been icing on the cake. I learn more each week about this thing called our body and at the risk of sounding corny how all the piece parts fit together. I'll be going away for a while to get some additional mental peace and visit various beaches because it's at the water where I become closest at one with nature and myself. Even as I write this I'm regretting that I won't be attending the boot camps and I'm trying to package up some of the videos to make it easy for me to continue this on the road. Setting this vision for doing some of these moves early in the morning as the sun rises on the beach. I want to thank Paul and Michelle for bringing this program to me, Kathy for the gentle nudges, deer Creek girls who keep us on track, my higher power which I'm finding less difficult to reach! Have a beautiful weekend! And yes I am important enough to carve out this time for me!" - Joan M. Leah
"To all of my fellow boot campers who were not at the workshop yesterday( for those of you there you know the truth about what Iam about to say) Do yourself a favor and try to attend the next workshop that Paul does. It was money so well spent. It was so informative,it was fun and we all had a few laughs And the two hours flew by. I've been to other gyms where it's about how many sit ups push-ups and Burpee's you can do and honestly I was starting to have injuries. This holistic and integrated approach is transforming my life. Almost every day when I walk out of class I am amazed by what Ive learned .I've been going to Boot Camp for eight months and I am so much healthier and enthusiastic about my health and fitness to come. Paul's level of knowledge commitment and excellence is available to each and everyone of us. So with that said do yourself a favor and come to the next workshop." Cathy Bove

"I have learned that I am capable of a lot more than I ever imagined." Michelle Flora

"I've had a pretty stressful couple of weeks and before Boot Camp I don't know how I dealt with it... But this week I couldn't get to class fast enough. I've left feeling so much better.. stress is gone and feeling energized ...It's a wonderful life...I love Boot Camp." Cathy Bove