Win a Spot for the 90-Days to a New You

No Excuses Ladies Boot Camp

90-Days to a New You

Kicks off 4/4/2018

* Small Group Personal Training Classes are held at 4198 Dundee Rd, Winter Haven, FL
* Can follow meal plan guidelines eating real food.
* Willing to commit to working out 3-5 times per week. 1-hour class M-F 5:15 AM, 6:15 AM, 7:15 AM, 8:15 AM, 4:15 PM, 5:15 PM or 6:15 PM. Flexible Schedule. All classes are indoors and air-conditioned.
* Will do weekly weigh ins to track progress.
* Must be on Facebook for support materials in our Facebook groups

Not Your Average Transformation Challenge

Not the Same Old Transformation Challenge


Sure, we will work your arms, abs and booty.

BUT that is not all!

This is a Complete Game Changer

Every Class is Different

Neurology Based Bodyweight Exercises Designed to….

Achieve the Best Version of You Possible…

Designed to…

Maximize Body Composition Change (Burn More Fat)

Eliminate/Relieve Pain

Correct/Prevent Common Problems of the Neck, Shoulders, Hips, Knees, Back…

Flip the Nervous System Switches for leaps in:
Improved mood
Better Brain health
Boosts immune system
Reduce stress
Relieve anxiety
Sleep better
Better mobility
Enhanced Respiration
More energy

Improved Vision Skills: SEE WELL – Great visual skills tend to be a pre-requisite for high performance. Poor vision has ramifications that reach into every facet of life – from posture, pain and movement issues all the way to reading comprehension, cognition emotional states. Knowing that vision skills are pervasive in every aspect of life, it should be clear that better visual capacity can lead to better performance.

Rhythm, Timing & Grace: In a beautiful life there is an almost “magic ingredient” that goes largely unrecognized and ignored. That magic ingredient is rhythm. Rhythm in movement is a learned skill. Rhythm in movement is rhythm on the inside and outside. Rhythm in movement carries over to rhythm in life.
Feel Better

And All the Support, Accountability and Motivation You Need

Whatever Your Fitness Level Is. You Start from There & Get Better Every Day!

Everything begins with attitude (fun) and basic movement fluency.

Most adults MISSED the FUNdamental stage of movement development. It’s time to learn how to move.

With each new skill acquired your options for a healthy, fit body and lifestyle dramatically increase.

"My heel spurs no longer hurt. Can walk normally." Diane White

"Problem solved was knee pain, along with hip pain. Anxiety is getting better with learning to breathe correctly. Thanks Paul!" Kathy Townley

"Boot Camp has helped me put me first again. And realizing that everything else in my life is better when I take care of myself first." Kim Hall

"Biggest problem solved is shoulder pain & mobility looking to further my progress by increasing shoulder strength." Kim Barrow

Your investment into the New You is three monthly payments of $149 or save $48 with one payment of $399.

a Spot for the 90-Days to a New You